What happens during a Reiki treatment?

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

What happens during a Reiki treatment

During a Reiki session, the pracitioner will place their hands on certain areas of your body using specific positions, covering the main organs or essential body systems. Once the hands are in contact with you, energy begins to flow to the areas according to your body’s needs.

You will be fully dressed in comfortable clothing lying on the treatment table. You will feel very relaxed and may be in a peaceful state of mind.

The way you may experience the energy can be different from another person’s experience. The feeling of the energy flowing might be experienced as warm, cold, tingling or current waves. Consequently you will always feel a relief or release after your session.

After your Reiki session it is advised that you drink plenty of water as your body might experience detoxification.

Reiki is suitable to adults, children and babies.

What is Distant Reiki

Similar principles apply during a Distant Reiki session, except that the practitioner need not be present. A proxy will be used to represent the client’s body and a special procedure will be performed that only advance Reiki practitioners are trained to perform.

Distant Reiki is as effective as in-person Reiki. Distant Reiki sessions are not only used for body pains, illnesses or emotional issues, but can also be used for situations, for example to aid an upcoming interview or the positive outcome of a surgery.

You will be asked to send a photograph of the person to receive Reiki, along with the name, location of the person and a brief description of the person’s state of health.

Reiki for Animals

Animals love and respond well to Reiki. However usually Distant Reiki is applied as some animals may find it hard to be still for long periods of time or they may not like being touched in sore areas.