Reiki and its powerful healing benefits

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the power of Reiki

Reiki Benefits and the Body-Mind-Connection

The benefits of Reiki are vast. It is believed that when we encounter a negative or traumatic event in our life, the energy of this event gets stored in our internal organs creating a negative energy blockage. This may bring our body out of balance.

What is a negative or traumatic event?

A negative event can be an accident, a break-up, toxic work environment, the loss of a loved one or even something we have experienced as a baby such as a vaccine.

When this energy doesn’t get released, the body will try to find other ways to express this trauma. It may take the form of flashbacks, bad dreams, chronic pain, headaches, anxiety and other conditions.

The benefits of Reiki can help to release these negative energy blockages and while doing so allows the body to calm down and to let go of the stuck energy.

How can Reiki help you?

Reiki is the energy of unconditional love and when applied to the body can:

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typical Reiki treatment