Real Life Reiki Stories and Testimonials

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the power of Reiki

Feedback by Maria

I had an incredible Reiki session with Stephanie. She was so warm and inviting when I got there. I felt comfortable and held during the whole time. I loved that she took the time to ask about my current situation and she payed more attention to it during the session. I felt so energised and grounded after the session. She created the space to talk about my experience after reiki, which helped process my experience. The days following the session I was so focused and clear, I felt light and vibrant. It was amazing! I recommend Stephanie 100% you’ll just have the best experience!

Feedback by Basak

I had an amazing Reiki experience with Stephanie at State of Reiki. Stephanie was not only very helpful and professional but also, very nice and calm as a person.
After trying the first session, I decided to go with a package of three sessions including the first one.
All three sessions were unique in the way I experienced the flow of energy. I even got rid of a headache I had at the beginning of the second session and felt very clear for the afternoon following that session. Overall, I think the sessions gave me a sense of relaxation and ease some of the stress I was feeling.
This was my first Reiki experience. I will definitely continue going at intervals to boost the energy. Thank you

A recent Reiki story

I was very happy to hear from a client recently.

She came to see me in preparation for her 3rd round of IVF. Up to then all previous attempts had been unsuccessful and the lady was having a lot of fears and doubts about round 3.

We only had 1 Reiki session where we were merely focusing on balancing her body’s energy flow.

The day before her implantation we also did a Distant Reiki therapy session, where the intention was for a successful implementation.

Today after my summer travels, I checked in with the lady to see how she was doing and was so pleased to hear that she is now 9 weeks pregnant.

It’s these positive pieces of news that validate the impacts Reiki can have. Of course the mindset is of great importance too. But in this case, we were both surprised and so happy!

Don’t give up hope! 💕

Feedback by Shanni

Altogether, I took 3 sessions with Stephanie to help me with pain in my body that I have been desperately trying to manage. She took time to chat and understand my needs. This put me at ease right away. Already from the first session I noticed a shift that enabled me to feel better. Her energy is palpable from the get-go. Stephanie works in a soft and welcoming environment and I would certainly recommend a visit.

Feedback by Juliette

The reason I decided to come for Reiki treatments was to find balance after a few chaotic years. I felt a lot calmer after all of my sessions and feel it helped in my journey of making one of the biggest decisions of my life which was to quit my job in search of a new direction.

Feedback by Paula

I heard good things about Reiki, recommended by family & I’d met Stephanie before & felt comfortable going to her. I struggle to put it into words what I felt after the session, but particularly after my last session, the sense of calm & that everything was going to be ok was incredible. During the session, again I can’t find the right words but you can FEEL the energy move within your body. Its tiring & can be emotional but I believe that’s energy that needs to be released

Feedback by anon

I feel great. I feel happier. I slept very well. And I feel “lighter” emotionally. If that makes sense. Normally my heart is very heavy..

Feeback by Anna

I went for my Reiki session without any expectations…in return I received healing energy that I felt during the entire session. Amazing experience and I will definitely come back for more.

Feedback by anon

I have been telling my friends about how Reiki has been helping me while I am going through my divorce. I think it has helped keep me from going over the edge. My friends say they are surprised at how well I am coping given the circumstances…

Feedback by Genevieve – Anxiety

I was going through a period of significant changes in my life and was stressed and anxious and didn’t realize until quite late along the journey. Stephanie reached out and suggested I try Reiki. Best decision ever. Stephanie worked her magic – I don’t know how else to describe the flow of energy and healing that resulted from it. It was an amazing experience that resulted in more clarity for me, and a good night sleep which I’d also been missing. I was able to move on with confidence and less stress and less anxiety. I am very grateful for the sessions, both in-person and remote. Thank you Stephanie.

Feedback by Gargi – unsettled

I have had three sessions with Stephanie so far and they have been great. She is a very warm person who instantly makes you feel relaxed. I decided to try out Reiki with her as I was feeling blocked, not sleeping well and just had low energy. Sessions with her were wonderful, I could feel the difference in the subsequent days. Each session was different, as if she tapped into various blocks each time. It was really nice, and I plan to continue my sessions with her. Highly recommend Stephanie for her warmth, care and healing hands.

Feedback by a well-being practitioner in Singapore

I was exploring ways to build more energy and presence in my body and mind in a more spiritual and uplifting manner and thought I would explore a Reiki session instead of my usual Osteopathy session.

During my Reiki session, I experienced heat and waves of movement or vibration on certain body parts, which helped me to be more aware of my mental and physical state. I also understood a little more about my emotions that were affecting me. Everything was moving in forms of waves, which helped me develop organisation in an insightful manner.

I took 3 sessions between 2-3 months and I am feeling more present in my body, I was able to release a lot of tension and also regulate my monthly cycle. I am grateful, also feel more equipped with my own “magic” and intuitive abilities, which help me to connect with wisdom and clarity. Thank you Stephanie

Feedback by Anita

Lovely reiki session with Stephanie. She made me feel at ease right away and although I wasn’t sure what to expect – I walked away feeling comforted, relaxed and very calm. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Feedback by Annemarie

After just one session with Stephanie, I am eager to continue having reiki on a regular basis and see and feel the continued effects of it on my mind and body. The effects were immediate – I felt incredibly relaxed, let go of a lot of tension and energized at the same time.


Recently a lady came to see me for a Reiki session. She was looking to relax and de-compress as she had been going through a tough time lately. She didn’t share much else personal information about herself. A few days later I connected with her to see how she was doing since her session. Apart from feeling more energised, she shared that since her Reiki session her milk supply had drastically increased and her baby had once again slept through the night. It goes to show that your baby can benefit greatly if Mama is relaxed, even if the baby doesn‘t receive Reiki directly. It can have a positive impact through Mum. Definitely the breast milk was filled with Reiki energy

Feedback by Senthu

A phenomenal first time Reiki experience with Stephanie. She knew just what my body needed and her Reiki touch brought immediate benefits the following day with a painful shoulder…miraculously being healed. Highly recommend Stephanie as she has a calm, warm and welcoming presence and most importantly – a powerful healing hand.

Feedback by Kaka

I had a Reiki session with Stephanie Schueller. It was a magnificent session where words fall short to describe my experience. Before the session started, I was asked if there was an intention. The fragrant smell, the eye pillows and the tranquil background music played a role in my altered state of consciousness. I could feel heat within a few minutes after Stephanie placed her hands on my stomach. The heat was immensely healing, and I could literally feel something moving in my stomach.
After some time, she placed her hands on my head and I felt a rush of vibration and heat went through my entire body as if I was releasing some stuck energy. The best is yet to come… I was able to gain some clarity on why I have been experiencing bad headaches and migraines. The clarity came during the session when I was in a deep state with a calm mind and out of no where a thought just dropped in my mind.
All of these was only possible because of the Stephanie’s warming, healing and loving energy. I came out of the session feeling extremely relaxed as if it was only 10 minutes ago that we started. Stephanie was able to channel the universe’s potent healing energy beautifully.
She has such a beautiful gift and I will definitely be heading back to her for more reiki session! Again, these words do not fully describe my experience. My experience with State of Reiki Singapore, Stephanie, is indescribable. I am truly gratitude to consciousness for giving me an opportunity to experience Stephanie’s Reiki!
Thank You Stephanie for sharing your beautiful energies with me and channelling the universe’s healing energy beautifully! I recommend this to anyone who would love to receive the potent universe’s healing energy through Stephanie!

Feedback, by Louise

I’ve recently had two sessions with Stephanie within a week of each other. I was unsure what to expect during the first session, never done this before. Stephanie has a warm calm aura around her and I instantly felt welcomed and relaxed. Covid has brought about a lot of stress and uncertainty, I just felt unbalanced, stuck and disconnected. Our first session was calm, relaxing and WOW. I instantly felt her energy and within a few days I felt like something has shifted for me. I was sleeping better, thinking more positively and wanting to make changes for myself. Our second session was more intense with a different level of energy, different emotions, but more of a WOW. I would highly recommend Stephanie, she’s a beautiful soul and really connects with you. Don’t hesitate because you’re unsure. Try something new you’ve got nothing to loose just lots to gain.

Feedback, by Suki

An amazing experience working with Stephanie and I am so grateful for her energy in my life. Stephanie has a highly intuitive beautiful energy which she brings forth during our sessions.Her connection to spirit and compassionate understanding of enabling your wellbeing and working with you to bring it back into alignment is deeply felt .Your Reiki journey and transformation begins here 🦋


This was my first Reiki experience and by the time the session ended I noticed a complete physical enlightenment!The stiffness in my neck and shoulders (where all my tension generally lies) had gone, and my body felt much softer overall. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this first time but I did observe that it resulted in a positive physical effect on the body for me, rather than a psychological shift on the mind. It was also very cleansing! Overall I had a great first time experience


I really enjoyed my session with Stephanie. She is quite passionate and about Reiki and can explain to first timers (like me) not only what may happen, but also the benefits. When I went in I was having upper back pain and shortly after leaving, no more pain! Highly recommend.


A wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing session. Stephanie explained clearly what she would be doing and what I might feel. The warmth and tingles I experienced were exactly as she described and I came away feeling rejuvenated. I would definitely recommend State of Reiki Singapore.


I have had recent digestive issues aggravated by stress and after a session with Stephanie at State of Reiki felt a sense of calm, and a happier digestive system ever since. I would recommend trying a session with Stephanie to see how she can help.

SKIN PROBLEMS, by Stephanie

When my daughter was young, she had a terrible time with a rash called Molloscum Contagiosum that had spread all over her legs and torso. We tried every form of treatment on the planet without success. During this time I underwent my Reiki training and immediately started to apply hands on energy to my daughter. After about 1 week of daily Reiki her rash had disappeared.

RELAXATION, by Rebecca

I loved my Reiki session with Stephanie. It was my first experience and I left the session feeling very calm and relaxed. She also helped heal my right foot, which had been giving me pain. I highly recommend State of Reiki!


My niece in Austria was studying very hard during her A-level preparations. Persistent headaches were bothering her studies for days, so much that my sister texted me to see if I could do anything. I used the technique of Distant Reiki to send energy to my niece and thankfully the next day, she reported that her headaches had disappeared.

KNEE PAIN, by Dragana

Stephanie treated my knee while I had osteoarthritis flare up. Within one hour, pain significantly decreased and I experienced better mobility. She is a true professional, very knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure her patient has a positive experience.