Booking your Reiki Session

Reiki sessions for Clients in Singapore

Core Collective Dempsey
27A, 30B/C Loewen Road
Singapore 248839
For bookings:
Core Collective +65 6250-1222
HP 9739-2771

Hands-on-Reiki Sessions (individual) (S$ 130)
60 minutes per session

Hands-on-Reiki (3 sessions) (S$ 375)
3 session package (valued at S$ 125 per session)
60 minutes per session
Validity for package is 3 months

Trial session (one time offer) (S$ 100)
60 minutes
for your first visit

Kids session (ages 0-12) (S$ 60)
30 minutes

Home Visits
available on request for female clients
an additional $ 25 will apply

subject to 7% GST

For all Clients worldwide

Distant Reiki (individual) (S$ 70)
60 minutes per session

Distant Reiki (5 sessions) (S$ 300)
5 session package (valued at S$60 per session)
60 minutes per session
Validity for packages is 6 months

Reiki for pets (upon request)
especially Reiki for dogs and cats

Telephone: +65-9739-2771