What is Distant Reiki and how does it work?

Distant Reiki

Reiki energy can travel through time and space. Reiki practitioners who are trained in the advanced levels of Reiki connect to the Reiki energy source and can share it with anyone at any time. To facilitate this, a qualified Reiki practitioner connects with the energy field of the person receiving the Reiki energy.

What happens during a Distant Reiki therapy?

Having a photo of the receiver is helpful. It helps to create the bridge of energy between the practitioner and the receiver or the situation to be treated. We would have a chat before the session to establish an intention for your therapy. Once the energetic connection has been initiated, Reiki treatment can be given exactly the same way as if were in the room together.

It is usually preferred that the person receiving the Reiki energy finds some quiet time and be comfortable during the session. 

Too busy to find some quiet time? No problem!

You urgently need Reiki energy, but you are stuck at the office or someplace else and just don’t have the time to come to an in-person therapy session? Distant Reiki can be sent anywhere at any time. Although you may not fully feel the Reiki energy, it is still possible to receive the same benefits.

What is Distant Reiki energy used to treat?

  1. you are far away from a loved one, who has just been rushed to hospital and you like to send your love and support. Reiki energy can make a difference during a critical time.
  2. Sick people who aren’t mobile.
  3. children
  4. Reiki energy can assist in helping a person or pet with life and death transitions
  5. you have a job interview coming up that you feel nervous about. Reiki energy can help you to be calmer, but can also be sent to the situation itself for the best possible outcome.
  6. to help a relationship with someone. It may not be the outcome you personally want. Remember Reiki always works towards the highest good.
  7. A sick or injured pet – they may not enjoy being touched and Distant Reiki energy can be particularly beneficial
  8. A lost pet – to guide it back home or simply to offer some calming energy
  9. Busy people, who prefer to receive Distant Reiki
  10. Distant Reiki is beneficial for all matters addressed at in-person Reiki therapy 

Published by Stephanie Schueller

Stephanie is a Singapore certified Reiki Practitioner since 2018 and was taught the authentic Usui method of Rei-ki as it was founded and taught by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900s.

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