Why men may love Reiki more than talk therapy

Lately I noticed an increase in Reiki bookings from men. It got me thinking about the reasons behind it.

For centuries men were often expected to “not talk about their feelings” or “be tough”.

Over the years however we have begun to see a modern progression to gender equality and society’s focus on liberation of gender roles.  Men have started to express their feelings more openly. 

But it is important to remember that a lot of men still do not like to talk about their feelings, and that is ok. I don’t mean they are against expressing themselves. They share their opinions on any number of matters. They are happy to speak rationally to people, including their partners. 

But when they feel stressed or hurt, they prefer to deal with those feelings quietly. Would you agree?

It may just be that men prefer to manage their thoughts and feelings in a private way. However, there can be times of overwhelm, such as grief and other traumatic experiences, and at this point they may accept the need for dealing with their pain differently.

And some will go to talk therapy with ease and chat away, while others may seek out a source of relief that does not require them to divulge a single word or up-front tears. This is where Reiki comes in. 

The experience of Reiki can be just as profoundly moving and restorative and have similar effects the way other people may get from “talking things out”. The flow of energy channelled by a Reiki practitioner can be powerful to body, mind and soul, alleviating pain and resolving inner turmoil. 

When men see me for Reiki therapy session, it usually starts off the same way. They walk in, are generally reserved and have little information to share before the session. They lay down on the treatment table, close their eyes and are usually “gone” within minutes (sometimes snoring away peacefully).

But at the end of the session the first thing I usually hear is “Wow, that was great. I feel so light and relaxed” And then there comes a flood of questions about Reiki and how it really works.

Reiki works on a holistic level and is a great way to complement other treatment forms. I’d like to claim that for some it is even more energising than a massage.

If you prefer a quieter way towards healing emotions, physical pain or discomforts or if you would simply like to rebalance and support your mental health, then Reiki therapy might just be the thing for you.

Published by Stephanie Schueller

Stephanie is a Singapore certified Reiki Practitioner since 2018 and was taught the authentic Usui method of Rei-ki as it was founded and taught by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900s.

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